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Billing, orders, customer, employees, enquiry & inventory management.

Easy Business Software by 13DesignStreet

Easy Business Software works with a passion to take your business online and target worldwide potential clients. We are a complete e-commerce solution with clean, simple, and effective to use marketing and management solutions.

This software & eCommerce management software is for:

  • Online stores for almost any kind of products.
  • Grocery stores
  • Books store
  • Car & automobile accessories stores
  • Toys & baby products stores
  • Health drugs & supplement stores
  • Clothes manufacturing industry
  • Fitness & sports equipment sellers
  • Hardware stores
  • Jewellery stores
  • Industrial products & equipment sellers
  • Fashion & accessories stores
As Low as
Rs.15,000Yearly (India)

$.300Yearly (Rest of the world)

Includes basic customizations
Includes training & support
Taxes Included
SMS cost extra



Super Simple|Customizable|Affordable|Easy business management software


The game changer Easy Business Software is GST ready. Our custom-made billing feature lets you bill products with invoices inclusive of GST and exclusive of GST feature. Once the bill is made, the product automatically gets deducted from the total inventory. Thus taking away any burden of physical/ paper-based management.


Configuring inventory made easy. A modular system integrated with your own shopping website. Confused on how to tally the online and offline sales? Easy Business Software is the solution, this website integrated software manages inventory in all form whenever a sale or purchase is made it automatically makes the change in the stock.


"Client Retention that comes with Customer Loyalty is priceless" Easy Business Software is a self sufficient tool to manage every penny paid by the clients. Providing a complete access to billing history of each client. Do you find managing credit sale difficult? The software automatically reminds you to take the pending dues once the Credit Period is over.


Our Future Ready Software lets you book pre-orders. Got products limited in stock? Let clients book orders which are not yet confirmed. These semi-confirmed orders are maintained in a separate list. Easy Business Software is a guide to making informed decisions, order planning helps to order more of those products which are high in demand.


Business Expansion now made easy! Make quotations with the picture of the product for present and future clients. These are not only easy to make but also easy to share. You can directly share it in PDF format to the clients through SMS and E-mail. Implementing and automating processes leads to tremendous growth in profits.


Accomplish symmetry with Delivery and Package Mangement. Reduce the operational cost by keeping employees informed. Your packing team will have access to the list of products to be packed. Once the package is ready and shipped, tracking details with the number of boxes packed and freight charges are also recorded in the software.


Efficient Forecasting and Management ensure optimal results. A strong follow-up of potential clients with an automated mechanism is the key to higher business growth. Daily Reporting helps you identify which campaign works best for you. You can set informed and achievable sales target for every sales executive.


Get an Online Shopping Website with your own name integrated with the software. The website is compatible with a payment gateway which lets clients confirm and pay order online. The Easy Business Software smartly manages the website and keeps the inventory updated on the website and the software.


A mega marketing blast with Easy Business Software. Form Discount Coupons offers and do SMS and E-mail campaigns directly from the software. Improved business performance, increased profitability, streamlined operational efficiency, and proactive management the backbone of our website integrated software.

For your business

  • Maintain Client Database in the software.
  • Stay connected with your clients 24/7 with SMS, email or mobile app push notifications and let them know about new offers and products
  • Do hassle-free tax and non-tax billing, pre-orders, and easy quotations.
  • Software makes your business paper-less by sending the digital invoice via email and SMS.
  • Prevent malpractices and have secured logins for your delivery, sales, marketing & order management team.
  • Reporting that matters! Analyze which marketing strategy is giving maximum benefit, which product is selling maximum and rate performance of your sales team with few clicks.
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