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Winters are around the corner, and so is the comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and for a talk beside the fire: it is time for home. The season of layers and layers of clothes, long cozy shoes, an amazing cup of hot chocolate with snowing festivals. Yes! winters are comforting you can't help but think back to the year that was, and then hopefully looking forward to the year that is approaching.

But tragically with the new year that is approaching approaches a winter body, hidden under the layers of clothing is an unmaintained body which in turn is a result of excessive sugar intake during celebrations. According to research conducted by Johns Hopkins University on an average people tend to put on 3 to 4 kgs during winter.

Okay does that mean you need to hamper your holiday mood or you got to live with a sword of weight management hovering over your head all winters, OBVIOUSLY NOT, come on that's not how holidays are supposed to be spent. What then? based on some research and personal experience lets see what can be done to counterbalance the winter effect.



With the temperature decreasing one doesn't only reach for woolen scarves but also for Comfort food and Holiday meals, and by the time New Years arrive you get used to the heavy sugary food.

But we have an idea, don't ever arrive at a party hungry. Have a small portion of homemade food at home, this on one side avoids overeating and on another side, lets to enjoy small portions of everything that your taste buds crave for. Thus avoiding weight gains.



Getting to change out of your pajamas, Ufff!!! especially when it comes to winter. All you got to do is watch and follow a video tutorial or find your fitness mentor online and follow his given steps on home- workouts work.

YES, I'm aware that working out at home implies two days of extreme dedication followed by self-made EXCUSES. Follow only one rule, no excuses only regularity, You may even find that exercising at home will increase your mood, energy level and help with sleep.



As much as you want to curl up in the quite along a fireplace enjoying Netflix, whenever you get the chance take your 30 minutes of being active regimen outside, fresh air, even if it is chilly, brighten your day and keeps your active hours on high thus, neutralizing the effect of us eating more during winters, and helping you maintain your weight management goals.


Say you were planning a party-in with your friends to just chill and talk, why not organize this gettogether in the form of a winter open-air picnic, with some hot chocolate, home-made cookies and a blanket of white snow, this would be adventures and would do wonders for your health objectives


4. Social media

Are you still from the era where people believe social media is only poking nose in someone else's life or its a platform to show off your status, okay so you are just a decade behind of what is actually happening. Sharing your progress on social media with support groups or people who have similar interests constantly motivates you to such an extent that changing weather and snowing festivals do not affect your health goals. Approximately 55 million fitness and health-related posts are made every day on Instagram, okay so that is a lot for you to keep yourself motivated.

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