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Shocking it might sound but client conversion has 63% additional chances if you have social media presence. There were good old times when social media marketing strategy only meant being present. However, today customer has developed from being just knowledgeable to an expert, from Google reviews to your followers and comments on Facebook and Instagram they access it all.

Not scaring you further let me share 2 blockbuster strategies which guarantee that you are making a mark using these social media tools in your favor.

Here are some steps you need to follow:


Over a decade of being in business facebook and youtube have gained the highest landscape with more than 70%  of adults using it. But are your potential customers among them? The first aspect is to analyze who buys your product, what media attracts them the most. Different age groups need to be tackled with a varied social media plan.

Say you are organizing a summer vacation special martial arts classes promoting it only on twitter might not prove to be effective as your target customer, children from age group  12  to 18 years,  are not as active on Twitter as they are on Snapchat and Instagram.

Easy Gym software prides its report feature which assists you to understand your clients providing a customer-centric approach, thus reducing efforts and enhancing results.  



 A research was conducted on Instagram users asking them what were the scenarios which lead them to unfollow a page. Startling the awaiters, the survey got a mixed response, 46% of the users said they unfollow because of excessive product promotion and 44% believed that posting out of context content forced them to leave the page and move on. You mathematician out there go it right only 10% assure their loyalty.


PROBLEM- Social media content decision is a  double-edged sword, are posts which only promote brand the right decision or general post which aren't meant to promote sales the way to improve traffic and engagement

SOLUTION-  Okay! so one thing is for sure there is no fixed thumb rule which can apply to each business strategy you have, from the years of experience and a detailed study of how Google algorithm crawls your posts we have few strategies which will help you define your social media marketing approach:

 Analyze insight on each post-

  • REACH- a post reach is the number of unique people who saw your post, are these new users your potential customers, is it actually showing on users feed? how vast is your post crawling?
  • IMPRESSIONS- the total number of times your posts have been seen, are there repetitive views on a particular post, what demographic criterion receives the content best.
  • ENGAGEMENT: The total number of social interactions divided by the number of impressions, how well is your audience perceiving what is being served to them.

On fleek content -

"CONTENT" which won't prove to be a 'click bait', which is 'savage' but not to the extent of pitting you light for 'Throwing shade'. Okay! we all know building engaging content might prove to be tricky, so what can be done?

  • Leverage customer review in building effective content, no one can sell your brand better than your existing satisfied customers. Their reviews make the most influential content leaving an everlasting reputation on the readers.
  • Create visual content, among different social media channels YouTube provides you a platform with a special algorithm which in accordance to your choices modify the search results, thus promoting content to unique potential customers. Providing edge cutting content in form of video graphics help attract and convert 90% of the organic traffic.
  •  Understand hashtags, yes I'm referring to you, exactly the ones who use 30 hashtags in the status and 30 more in the comment section, listen up, this technique might have worked in 2015 or 2016 but today there are millions of posts with #fitness #determination #bodybuilding your post is not gaining the potential results with these overused hashtags.

So what is the solution to this, UNDERSTAND your hashtags, create a brand name and only use tags which actually relate to the post, this will highlight your content to the audience which might convert into your client.

Social media has become a fish market, louder your call higher the results. Dynamics in social media are extremely volatile, they change every single day.

Do you think we are missing on something or using any of these techniques has developed your brand on social media, why not tell us through___________