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Clients evaluate salon and spa experiences partly on your hair, nail, face, and/or body services. Driving salon sales are based on memorable impressions your employees make on customers during interactions and influences the potential for return visits. Providing all-star customer service keeps patrons happy and your shop successful. Great customer service is essential for growing your clientele and being a successful stylist. If you go above and beyond with customer service and build strong relationships with your client, they’ll stay loyal to you and start sending new clients your way!


At Salon Success Academy, customer service is incorporated into nearly every aspect of the cosmetology train curriculum. It’s the responsibility of every stylish to show your clients a friendly attitude and make them feel a homely and secure environment. By ‘DOING SMALL EFFORTS’ we can change a lot of things. It’s the small things that will really impress your clients. These are things like giving a scalp massage during their shampoo, a free makeup touch-up, or a mini-facial.

#creating the perfect experience for your clients can lead to:

  • Increased customer loyalty
  • Increased word of mouth promotion
  • Widespread brand awareness
  • A full diary/appointments book
  • Higher profits


Better customer care will make your hair salon more successful. Here are some successful tips that can grow your hair salon business.

Give them a styling lesson

It’s your responsibility as their stylist to show your clients how they can achieve the same exact finished look at home. Try recommending products that can help extend the life of their look or suggest them with products that suit their hair the most.

Provide service with a smile

Smiling at a customer, especially if they are new to your business, relax them and ensure that they feel welcome and comfortable. If a ‘walk in’ client is not greeted by a friendly face, it’s highly likely that they won’t stay, and those that have booked for the first time are unlikely to come back.

Keep salon spotless

The toilets, treatment areas and the cups and glasses that you serve to customers & their refreshments in should all be spotless. Beauty stations littered with evidence of the previous customer are unhygienic and can be off-putting to other customers.

Keep the customer involved

Let your customer know what’s going on. Tell them why you’re carrying out certain procedures, what is coming next and how long they have left. This will keep them interested and will retain their loyalty.

Be proactive

Ultimately, good service is doing the right things the right way. It involves putting energy and enthusiasm into all your interactions with your customers.

Provide customers with after sale service

After the purchase of your product or service ensure that you still look after your customers. They need to feel that you value them. Good service leads to increased customer satisfaction.