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Many enjoy pampering, particularly when feeling low. That is the magic that keeps the salon and spa industry strong during both good and bad economic times. In marketing your salon, remember why your customers do business with you. In setting up your marketing plan, consider how you can market to emotional needs as well as practical issues like products and services.

Step 1 #Salon Marketing Plan: Evaluate & audit your business

Business is based on 2 basic concepts i.e. profits & losses. If a salon wants to increase its profitability then 2 main factors should be kept in mind which is cost and sales. Price your services and products too low, and you’ll lose money. Price them too high, and you’ll lose clients. Be concise about your pricing.

Step 2 #Salon Marketing Plan: Effective goal setting

Effective Goal setting should be the priority of any business. It may be in the case of customer satisfaction increasing sales, perfect salon website, or training our marketing team.

Step 3 #Salon Marketing Plan: Your business strategy

An effective marketing strategy should be created by salon owners in order to promote their brand it can be social media updates, CRM strategy, pricing strategy or promoting strategy. Developing a long term relationship with a client will undeniably help make a connection and win you a ‘lifetime’ guest who will also recommend your product.

Step 5 #Salon Marketing Plan: Measurement and evaluation

Not only making strategy is enough but to measure & evaluate its pros and cons is equally important. Salon owners can evaluate their performance on the following basis:-
•    Customer retention
•    Sales bar of salon
•    Customer feedback
•    Profitability

Step 6 #Salon Marketing Plan: A “joined up” marketing plan

A joined plan refers to SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING for our salon owners.  It may not be easy, but if your image, video, or story is share-worthy, you could have the next cool thing skyrocket your salon’s exposure. This type of promotion can work best for your salon; it can be through various tools like blogs, twitter facebook, posting ads on Google, Instagram and many others.

Step 7 #Salon Marketing Plan: making it happen

 People always Google things like: “My hair is thinning out. How can I fix it?” If you write about solutions to such topics that relate to the salon business, you could win over new clients. Salons should make it happen by satisfying the demands of each and every client.  Now salon owners should look at the day-to-day implementation of your salon or spa Marketing Plan.

Step 8 #Salon Marketing Plan: Making the marketing calendar work for your business

THE best type of promotion of a salon can be done through making a marketing calendar for special events like Valentines, Christmas etc offering discounts on these events & marking them on your marketing calendar would be a success.

Step 9 #Salon Marketing Plan: Don’t get over-ambitious

 Salon owners should not make the kingdom of dreams they should stay realistic and offer their services at a genuine price to their clients.

Step 10 #Salon Marketing Plan: Make a public declaration

Have a few stellar testimonials from satisfied clients displayed in your salon. Print it, frame it, and display it visible to clients. The public declaration can also be given something for mass welfare like quit smoking etc.

Step 11 #Salon Marketing Plan: Stay on course

The hardest thing is making (not just finding) time to spend marketing your salon. For regular ideas and tips to help you stay the course get my salon marketing and business blog.