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Client retention is arguably one of the most important aspects of your business. It takes a lot of hard work to draw clients into your business, whether that be through online or offline efforts, so it's important that you work to keep these clients more than satisfied once they actually decide to work with your company.

Here are 5 simple steps for retaining our clients:-



First & foremost step for every business is to know about him only. We should know each & every minute details of our business so that the way we belong to our business the client can feel the same sense of belonging too. If we want those all-important referrals in the future and if we want to keep your business solid, it's your current clients that are going to be your biggest asset. 



Customers are going to like businesses that know them better as opposed to those that treat them like just another client. People like to be known and understood. Clients do not like services are given by salons where they don t feel positive vibes or tend to feel ignored. Do this by telling your service team to spend a little bit more time with the customers or clients. This doesn't mean making small talk every single day, but really taking the time to understand the traits of a customer and creating that sense of a real relationship. We can do personalized emails and messages to IN TOUCH with them.



There is no better way to improve your retention techniques than hearing from the customers themselves. We should always care for our client’s feelings & opinions’. We can do this by a feedback system, such as a survey or talking with your loyal customers, will help you hear from them directly regarding how they felt about your business. This can offer a lot of great insights as to what would keep your clients coming back for more.



Now as we know about our customer opinions & feedbacks we should provide them with the services they want & with the way they want. We can eliminate the element of uncertainty as we know that what the client will expect and when & what can give him/her peace of mind. 



Once our customer gets in touch with us we should provide them exclusive & most relaxing atmosphere where our client should be at ease. We can be exclusive in our own ways. FOR EG:- Use the ELEMENT OF SURPRISE for our clients & the benefits of a surprise will make people happy and it sticks out in their mind and something that was OUT OF THE ORDINARY. It will increase our client base beyond expectation.