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There are hundreds of ways that you can market your yoga studio, especially in the digitally connected world we live in now. When it comes to fitness marketing, there are a lot of fun and engaging campaigns you could run. Having a little marketing knowledge will help you grow your classes, fill your workshops, and start making long-lasting connections with your students. It’s about being found in the places your students are hanging out online and delivering value outside of the yoga studio.
Following are some essential tips for promoting fitness through yoga studio.


Build a Yoga Website
Having a website is perhaps the biggest asset you can have as a fitness business or personal trainer, as the majority of people will search online to find the right provider. Also, make sure your website is optimized for mobile devices as around 50% of people are now viewing websites on tablets and mobile phones.


Keep Things Simple
The more realistic website generates more leads. Yoga website should display clear and more appealing video’s that should be able to convince people to think about their own fitness.


Include Real Photos of Yoga
The beauty of digital is that everything can be tracked, traced, and backed up with pictures. Start learning more about your students and audience by getting into the realistic photos of yoga poses that attracts the audience.


Share Informational Videos
It is noticed that video is everywhere on social media right now. Instagram, in particular, is on a mission to fill their platform with video. Use video instead of an image and you’ll be rewarded with increased organic reach.

Post Often
Once you have a website, you have a home for articles that showcase your knowledge or expertise. If writing isn’t your strong point, use an agency that understands fitness to do the writing for you or use video instead.


Share Photos of Studio Members
People are especially happy to recommend when they benefit too. Consider your clients share their pictures and videos that have transformed a lot or get benefited through yoga studio so that other people also get motivated through these realistic pictures.


Capture moments
Get used to snapping “moments” throughout the day that can be shared on social media and start building a bank of images to make the process of posting easier and promotion can be easily done.


Offer Unique Value
Offer a unique idea value and promote it on Instagram such that more and more clients are attracted towards that idea. Yoga studios that succeed offer a little more than just yoga. The USP of yoga studio can be in form of an expert yoga trainer, special yoga poses or attractive group yoga sessions or Offering special class hours for groups like Moms, business people, or students.