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The first quick win for marketing of your business is to remain consistent in minds of people. Our brand should be loud and clear so that a strong image of our brand is created in front of people it can be through social media, salon posters, advertisements and more. But our marketing should not create a flood in the life of others and should not be an irritating factor too as it said EXCESS OF EVERYTHING IS BAD.


Being social is being smart today’s era is not of doing snail marketing but of being at a speed of a bullet train. Sites like Facebook, Instagram, twitter etc provide a wide platform for salon owners to present their salons services and planning’s in a unique and a creative way. Message sharing and promotions are just one click away.

Through social media salon owners can make their clients feel “WE CARE FOR YOU” you can easily get feedbacks and valuable reviews of your clients. Knowing these reviews we get to know about taste & preferences our clients. If you like, you could go one step further and include quotes or testimonials on your website and your marketing collateral. 


 Merely getting feedbacks is not enough but to react to them is also necessary.  Once our client gets indulged with us we should keep them in touch by sending emails SMS etc for retaining them. We can also advance some features to our website like “book now” button or “call us” feature for appointments which make our clients feel more trusted towards us.


Last but not the least quick win of every marketing campaign is to conclude results. Social media results do t connect with any reports or analysis but with our client‘s response, the more and for long they stay with us more is our profit bar & more we are in the talk of the town.