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13DesignStreet has developed this very productive and efficient mobile friendly software that enables you to record/store your leads. It's a very simple software that can be well explained in following steps:

1) Add new inquiry/lead in your software and when you add new inquiry automated SMS will be sent to your client.
2) You will get alerted for the follow-up to the client on his/ her pre-defined follow-up date.
3) Whenever you store the new response of your client, old responses are not deleted rather they stay in update history of that particular inquiry profile.
4) Software can have unlimited users and admin can make employee level accounts. One particular employee /user can see his/her inquiry only.
5) The software keeps checking on duplicate entries on basis of phone number of inquiry.
6) You can have unlimited clients, records, and users in software.
7) This software is 100% mobile friendly enables you to follow up your clients on move and it works online 24/7.

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