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100% customized and most affordable gym software

Get alerts for follow-ups, payments, membership renewal, birthday, marriage anniversary and much more

Gym Management Software includes:

  • Web/ cloud based software
  • Secured servers
  • No increase in AMC
  • Get customized to fit your business needs
  • Weekly backups
  • Multiple currencies
  • Multiple language
  • Customized print bill/invoice template
  • Your branding on software
  • Payment gateway integration

Easy gym software is customized web based software for gyms & fitness studios. Now you can do billing for the gym membership, group classes and personal training that sends a warm welcome SMS to your clients automatically.
Then we have client management so that you can maintain client attendance, payments, billing history and personal details easily. It gives you various options like complaints, feedback and freezes client also.
Most importantly it has the dashboard where you get organized alerts for inquiry follow-ups, payments, upcoming renewals, today client birthday & marriage anniversary, feedbacks and absentees who are not coming from last 3 days to your gym or fitness studio. Much more features kindly read below...

As Low as
Rs.4,999yearly (India)

$.100yearly (Rest of the world)

SMS & Bio-metric device cost extra


How Easy Gym Software
boost your business

Features of Easy Gym Software

Alerts to admin & clients

Automatic alerts through SMS or emails are sent to clients for pending payments, membership renewals, special gestures on client’s birthdays and the anniversary and even send SMS to absent clients. Easy Gym Software also keeps admin updated about new renewals, payments, and today activities.


Easy gym software sorts the inquiries of your potential clients at its best and also follows up of your clients and even track follow-up history so that you can handle your inquiry in a better way on next follow-up. Easy Gym Software gives you alert on the dashboard to follow up your inquiry so that you never miss a chance to make a new client.


Attendance of each and every client is recorded through biometric. Syncs regular attendance of all clients & employees. Through biometric device entry of unauthorized members and of those whose membership is already expired gets restricted automatically. Also, Easy Gym Software provides you live feeds of which client is coming-in and what is his/ her pending payment and membership expiry date.

Client management

Easy gym software delivers an exceptional membership experience from beginning to end. Your every client will have the own profile page where you can manage & view their personal details, payment history, billing history, referred clients and attendance. This software never misses a chance to wish and pamper its clients.

Team Management

Easy gym software manages internal staff also by recording their personal details like name, address, contact along with their photographs and even helps in calculating their salary according to the days they have work and their performance.

Group classes

The distinguishing feature of the easy gym is that client can have separate billing system for single and group sessions. They can join gyms according to their convenience. The basic motive of this software is to simplify management of billing and clients. With separate module of group classes in this software, you can create unlimited batches for the particular group class and manage clients easily.

Personal Training

Easy gym software keeps the record of personal trainers and even of their commission and bonus. It also tracks the time of personal training classes given to their client’s and other session’s time separately. Easy Gym Software has kept personal training totally sperate module to simplify software and management process.

POS facility

Easy gym software boasts gym’s bottom line with smart POS for the gym membership, group classes, personal training and products like supplements or sports shoes. Automatic SMS is sent on every single payment invoice. Easy Gym Software gives you printable format with your logo and business details on it.


Powerful and strong reports are available in excel format for analyzing your income and renewals. The analysis in pie charts and graphs are also available for comparison and growth count. Easy Gym Software gives you reporting for almost everything and make business management more efficient & effective.

Unlimited Access

One of the unique features of this software is that it provides unlimited access to data storing and MANAGE BEYOND LIMITS And also provides unlimited login users. Admin can create unlimited packages for the gym membership, group classes, personal training & products and edit them at any time.

Technical support

13DesignStreet (Development & support team of easy gym software) provides with best of technical support on 24/7 without any additional cost and it also has award winning technical team for queries of its client’s and feedback. It's only solo Moto is “CLIENT’S WISH IS OUR COMMAND�?.


Effective promotions are key to success! Do email marketing & SMS campaigning for your expected renewal clients or for your pending inquiries. Now you can send bulk SMS or emails on few clicks to your potential clients and boost up your sales. Also, you can send gym & activities updates to your live/active clients.


For your business

The major highlight of easy gym software is that it helps in increasing the sales bar of the business. Expenses and profits are keeps in check at the same time. This software is also available in various languages other than English so it can be used by more of people which result in more profitability.

For your clients

Easy gym software stresses basically on client needs and satisfaction. This software auto sends workout plan, diet plan, and body measurements in their email. Also, Easy Gym Software keeps your client updated about new events, pending payments and renewals.

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