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Managing products has never been so easy. Our billing and POS software helps you in managing your products. You can easily add, delete, edit or view different products. Add their descriptions, add images of the products so that it becomes easier for you to understand and handle it easily. You can add unlimited products in this software as per the requirement of your business.

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add stock

Add stock

Add multiple stock in your business. It is very easy to add stock in the software too. Simply add the data regarding the new stock purchased along with its picture and description. As soon as the items will be sold, the inventory will be managed automatically. You can sit relaxed as it does not need you to enter everything manually in the software. Hence, using this software will save both your time and efforts.


Billing is another important factor for any POS software. Hence, we added smart billing software that helps you generate invoices quickly within a few clicks. You can send e-bills to your clients, managed the inventory as the products are sold, and also send text messages to the clients informing them about their pending installments or payments.

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This is another feature where clients can get customized results. They can write quotation of a particular product according to their needs and requirement. Also, our billing software allows you to add pictures or other information of the products while writing the quotation for it.

stock management

Stock Reports

Stock reports are provided so that you have more control over your business transactions and modify your daily operations as per the reports. The reports will tell you about the various products that are best-selling, out of stock, will go out of stock soon, etc. Also, you will be informed about the least sold products and other products that will expire soon. In this manner, you can have a better management over your inventory.

Website integration

Website integration is provided to the clients. You can link your software with your web page and vice versa. Also, social media handles and other means of communications will be integrated and added so that the customers can easily contact you whenever needed.

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Customer management

Keep track of all your clients, their data, address, personal information, birthdays and anniversaries, payment history, etc. By tracking all this information, you can easily manage clients and your business. Moreover, you can send alerts and reminders to the people regarding the payment of their outstanding bills.

Order delivery

With the help of this module, you can provide delivery to your client and they can track their item to ensure and confirm the delivery. As soon as the product will be shipped, you can add your tracking number and the company that is delivery the item. This data will be sent to the client via text or email. They can track their order and once it is received, they will confirm its delivery.

order delivery tracking
enquiry management

Enquiry management

Through this, the clients can enquire about anything they want and you can provide answers to their questions. The clients can contact through various sources or directly through walk-in. You can store the data of such potential customer and get a regular follow-up from them.

Bulks SMS & eMail

Bulk SMS and Emails are the marketing tools provided by our IT Company in the software solutions. We understand how important it is to market the product and services so that sales can be plunged. Hence, in order to ease this for clients we provide bulk SMS and email feature so that you can promote various offers, sales, deals, or simply send alerts and reminders for pending payments. Through this, you can also send birthday wishes to your clients and add to their valuable day. This will not only help you in marketing but will also help you in strengthening your client retention.

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