Easy Salon Software, Maldives


Maldives (REPUBLIC OF MALDIVES) in the world is well renowned for its tourism spots. People from all over the world come to Maldives for their relaxing salons & spas. Beaches in Maldives are well known for their mini spa & massages. Maldives salons are high maintained & updated for tourists from all over the world.


A salon management solution helps salon professionals manage their appointments and easily reschedule appointments or take requests for new ones, which can help maximize the efficiency and profitability of their business. Maldives salons are highly updated as they use salon software for their day to day working.


Salon software helps salon owners and independent styling professionals manage day-to-day business operations. Among other things, the software automates:

Billing and POS processing

Enables users to generate bills and process payments through multiple methods, including cash, debit and credit cards or electronic wallets. The feature also allows customers to redeem gift coupons or services using a POS (point-of-sale) solution.

Customer management

Allows users to capture useful information about customers that help in supporting marketing campaigns. It includes features such as capturing customer feedback, segmenting and categorizing customers and tracking customer spend.


Another important feature of this software is managing the inventory of salon. This keeps a check on stocks available in the salon and also reminds the owner when inventory falls short. It also prevents frauds in the salon by keeping a check on its every usage.


Expenses of the salon are also under a keen check. Easy salon software helps to record each sale and purchase of the salon so that the expenses and profits are controlled at the same time. More expenses are controlled more would be the profitability.

Staff management

Enables business owners to track key employee metrics, such as customer satisfaction and retention, employee availability and employee schedules.


Easy salon software helps in providing various schemes and packages like PAY LESS GET MORE which attracts more clients. This software helps in managing multiples services and discount packages in one click.


By only hearing the name of discount client rushes to avail services. Easy salon software provides strong marketing campaign and a viable social media connect like Facebook for promoting various discount offers and discount coupons and even their services and valid data is managed.

Appointment management

Enables users to book, reschedule or follow up on appointments on the fly by using an intuitive drag and drop interface. Certain solutions allow users to confirm appointments via SMS text messaging.

Marketing campaigns

Allow users to execute SMS or email-based marketing campaigns to help bring customers back to the salon. These campaigns can include promotional packages, membership programs, and loyalty cards or gift coupons..


No limits can hold back easy salon. Owners to this software can record a no. of employees, software users, clients etc. it provides a large database for storing important details. It doesn't restrain a number of entries in it and provide a large access.


In addition to above features easy salon provides time to time follow up of their clients through SMS and emails. It also takes timely customers feedback which helps to know what a client demands and boosts sale and services of the salon.


The easy salon also provides reporting feature also. It is provided in excel file without any charges. Taxes and marketing plans are just a one click away in reporting option.

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