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Billing and inventory management is essential and very primary ongoing process for any product selling the business like the bakery, departmental store or restaurant. 13DesignStreet brings you very simply to use, 100% customized and affordable billing & inventory software.

Functions/features of this software can be explained in following steps:
1) Its a web based application and this software works online
2) You can generate new invoices on few clicks very easily. Whenever you generate new invoice you can either select client from exciting ones or you can create new client instantly. Also, on every new bill/invoices, automatic SMS is sent to your client phone.
3) You can add unlimited products following to particular category in your software.
4) Add inventory/stock by making a purchase form in your software.
5) The stock gets reduced and managed as you do billing. Your stock is well managed and you can see the detailed report for each product that when it was credited and when the stock was sold. Get a red alert for products low in stock.
6) Manage your clients. Our software maintains client profile with their billing history.
7) Powerful reporting, Get MS Excel reports for inventory, purchases, sales reports and client billing.
8) Multiple logins for business owners and employees.

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