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Who We Are

Shivsoft is one of the Best IT Company. We help our clients provide webs solutions and SEO services so that we can help you in the improving your recognition and sales. Our company was founded by Mr. Parbhat Jain in the year 2013 with the vision to help provided others with smart and technology driven web solutions. Later, we got the opportunity of creating easy gym software, consequently we started providing easy gym software for gym owners.

Later, in the year 2017, we started easy salon software. Soon it became the fastest growing company. We are not a bidding company, we have international tie-ups and various departments that work together to achieve the common goal. We also provide after sales services and derive our maximum efforts to provide result based work.

We Design Pro Website

“You should learn from your Competitor but never copy. Copy and you die.” – Jack Ma

We don’t just simply pick templates from the internet and modify them. We design the solutions as per your requirements and needs. Our software can be fully customized. Hence, we build from scratch and offer every client a unique and quality based solution.

We Help You Elevate Your Google Ranking

Just creating a website is not enough. Making it rank higher on Google is equally important. We understand this and help our clients to reach higher ranking on Google. It helps in improving their brand visibility and client reach. 13 Design Street’s marketing department helps you to establish your brand on every platform possible to enhance and escalate your Google ranking.

We Eliminate Fake Likes and Bring Real FB & Instagram Leads

Social media marketing is one of the popular marketing that has been helping many businesses across the world. We help you in promoting your brand on social media. For this, we do not provide fake likes and impressions just for the sake of services. Instead, we upload unique and high quality post, research on real time data and generate real time leads from popular social media channels.

Customized Business Software with AI

Our software and web solutions can be fully customized. We aim to deliver technology driven and smart solution so that you attain the objectives and goals of your business. Hence, in order for you to meet your goal we provide Solutions based on Artificial Intelligence so that your work is automated and simplified for you.


We are Not a Team but a Family

We believe that in Unity there is Success. Hence, all the people working for us are not our team members but a family. In our organization, all our employees are free to follow their passion and method of working, they can pursue in the manner, they want and we encourage them to prosper and excel in their field. All of our employees can follow their potential and give their opinion and views in order to help the organization flourish.


We provide affordable & quick website & digital marketing solutions